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Raspberry Rose Pots De Crème: A Valentine Treat!...

As soon as I saw Giada De Laurentiis make this dish I knew it was the perfect dessert for the special Valentine day meal I am making my husband. I have been thinking about this recipe for months and am really excited to try it. I have already bought the pop rocks and today fortunately managed to find some lovely raspberries. Otherwise I would have had to use blackberries, and I really don’t know if they would have worked as well.

I will make the raspberry rose pots de crème today so they have plenty of time to set. The rest of my Valentine day menu includes a starter of Smoked Salmon with Prawns, Horseradish Cream and Lime Vinaigrette courtesy of Mary Cadogen. The main meal I am making is a classic French Canadian recipe for Tourtiere which is a meat pie. I haven’t had this dish in years and my husband has never even heard of it! I lived for many years in Quebec so thought it was about time I tried to make one of my favourite Canadian meals.

I better make my way into the kitchen to start cooking, but first I may open a bottle of wine!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I will let you know how the meal turns out! Please let me know what tasty treats you prepared for your loved ones.

Coffee and Chocolates: A Sunday Treat....

Weekends should be a time when you can relax and unwind without feeling guilty. However sometimes it’s impossible to completely switch off, especially if you’re trying to balance your working week with extra curricular activities.

At the moment I am studying Aromatherapy and do the majority of my work on the weekend. To help keep me going my husband will make me a special coffee and add a few treats on the side.

Today he made an Americano which definitely put a spring in my step. He also put some chocolate truffles on the side. These ones from Hotel Chocolate really gave me my chocolate fix.

The great news is my homework is done and I can now sit back and relax!