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“Fairies have long had a reputation for being mischievous. Their fun loving pranks range from temporarily hiding your keys to moving tables so we stub our toes. Sometimes they even turn fresh milk sour. While the certainly take great pleasure in playing tricks on us the really don’t mean us any harm. Pranks are just one of the ways they choose to communicate with us. It’s their way of saying ‘Hi, we’re here!’ These pranks can also serve as important life lessons. Perhaps we are taking things far too seriously? Maybe we need to make more time in our lives for fun and laughter?”

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High Spirit Magazine “Nature of Fairies” Article

“Could the fairies be communicating with you through your dreams? Find out how to tap into their wisdom and be guided by the fey folk, as Luna Raye investigates.”

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Soul and Spirit Magazine “Sweet Dreams…” Article

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