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Cinnamon Basil and Cantaloupe...

Cinnamon Basil

In May I went a bit crazy at the Detling Garden Show and bought a load of plants. I am happy to report they are all thriving despite the ever present threat of snails. Even though I have invested heavily in copper snail tape I know I must remain vigilant – especially around my basil plants.

One of the stall holders had a vast array of interesting herbs including at least 10 varieties of basil. Most of these I had never heard of and I was keen to try some of them out. I smelled them all and gave each one a little taste (when the stall holder wasn’t looking of course). The one that really stole my heart was Cinnamon Basil.

It has a strong spicy aroma and it actually tastes just like cinnamon. I adore this herb!

Never having used it before I wasn’t really sure whether you could cook with it or what other ingredients you could put with it. After lots of exploring I found some brilliant sites and recipes that I will try.

First of all Ramona Werst has an absolutely amazing website dedicated to her love of basil (and what’s not to love about basil!) Please check out her site, Ramona’s Basil Garden here. I fully intend to try many of her recipes but first on my list is her recipe for Cinnamon Basil & Lime Icebox Cookies.

Another recipe I can’t wait to try is Steamed Mediterranean Mussels With Cinnamon Basil Ouzo And Feta Cheese from the website. My mouth is watering already.

Last night I was in need of a quick and simple dessert. A forlorn looking cantaloupe was beginning to languish in the back of my fridge (thank you Dr. Weil for reminding me it was there).

I had a few slices with plain Greek yoghurt and cinnamon basil on top. This was actually the first time I had used the basil so it was nice to have it in such a simple way. The flavour really came through – it’s actually quite addictive.

Cantaloupe with Greek Yoghurt and Cinnamon Basil

Now I am looking forward to using the basil in all sorts of recipes. I will keep you posted!

Oh and as for the cantaloupe seeds – I am drying them out alongside my apple seeds and will try growing them as well!

Cantaloupe Seeds

Addicted to Gardening: The Detling Garden Show...

This weekend was the first time I visited the Detling Garden Show. It was also the first time I realized I have a serious addiction to gardening. Although my outdoor space is limited I couldn’t resist buying a few more plants for my Magical Fairy Garden. Over the next few weeks I’ll be learning about them and sharing my findings here with all of you.

For those of you that have never been to the Detling Garden Show it is a must! There are over 300 exhibitors selling a wide variety of plants, stalls from various wild life trusts and all sorts of wonderful garden ornaments including chimes, fantastic children’s play houses and gigantic wooden Gorillas (just what every garden needs!) I have also discovered there is a 2nd garden show in the Autumn! Hurrah!

My new plants are all settling happily in my garden. Here is a quick peek at some of them:

Heart Ease or Wild Pansy


Cat Mint (A Treat for Nutmeg)

A Japanese Maple Tree (I LOVE these trees!)