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Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich....

Growing up I remember my mum making the best grilled cheese sandwiches. I would have them when I came home from school for lunch, usually with some tomato soup or ketchup on the side and The Flintstones on the T.V.  Although my television tastes have changed, this magical combination of fried bread, melted cheese and tomato is still top of the list of foods I would want if I was stranded on a desert island.

Sure there are all kinds of ways to jazz it up but for me the best way is still;

  • 2 slices of plain white bread buttered on the outside.
  • Some cheddar cheese to put in between (of course!).
  • A hot frying pan in which to grill the sandwich until it turns a rich golden colour on both sides.

The tomato soup and ketchup are optional but they are great for dipping the sandwiches into.

I consider myself a pro when it comes to making this for lunch but I am the first to admit that my mum still makes the best ones. I guess it’s just one of those meals that will always taste better when mum makes it!