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Showing Kindness To Snails: Let Them Eat Beans!

As I went out into the garden this morning I spied a few snails happily munching away on my beans. My basil, which is finally doing well, was also under threat from a wee baby snail.

Most gardeners would think I am crazy but I actually don’t want to harm the snails. To be honest though I also don’t really want them eating all the beans or terrorising my basil.

As a kitchen witch it’s important for me to find a balanced solution. Killing them just because they are eating my plants doesn’t feel right to me. After all they are only doing what is natural to them.

So when I see them on my plants I pluck them off and move them much further down the garden. This morning one snail was so engrossed in eating a bean that I cut the bean off the stalk so he could finish his breakfast.

I actually love watching the snails. I find them very restful and they are also quite amazing little creatures. While they are welcome in my garden it’s important that we have an ‘understanding’ about things. For the most part they do leave my plants alone but every so often I catch 1 or 2 having a sneaky snack and that’s when I have to take them on a journey to the end of the garden!

3 Responses to “Showing Kindness To Snails: Let Them Eat Beans!”

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for a lovely story.

  2. Luna says:

    Thank you! I do find them fascinating creatures.

  3. Bouchane says:

    Is there any better way to show kindness that with beans? It’s easy to be nice to more beautiful creatures but being kind to snails is what we all hope we might be capable of. 🙂

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